Day 83 of 365 . . . prompt word: grateful

I am grateful my parents gave me the gift of music.  I took organ lessons throughout elementary and high school.  It was a great preparation for serving as church organist.

I am grateful for my high school band teacher, Mr. Wayne Toews — conductor extraordinaire!  (Google him . . .)  He helped nurture my love of music as I learned to play the clarinet.  He was a patient man.

I am grateful I can sing.  However, my daughter doesn’t want me to sing karaoke at my upcoming staff Christmas party.  Apparently she doesn’t care for my voice — she says I sound like an opera singer.  Little does she know, I love opera and that (to me) is the highest compliment!

I am grateful for many things.

Another thing I’m grateful for is that nobody pointed out I missed the last couple of days posting photos.  Maybe I should rename this blog “Capture Your 363” . . . .