The View From Here


Day 129 of 365 . . . prompt word: the view from here

This morning I was driving to work (a mere three minute commute) and I just had to stop. The sun was working it’s way into the sky and this was the colourful preview. I love mornings like today’s. What an amazing way to start a work day.

I hit a bump in the road last month when I took a two week mental vacation from everything in my life. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and, unfortunately, the hobbies that usually bring me the most joy (insert photography here) are the first to go. My hubby gave me a macro lens for my Nikon which has ignited my passion for photography. We are expecting some beautiful mild winter weather this weekend. A great time to pack up a snack/lunch and head outdoors with my beloved “Nikki”. Since I have undertaken this project for the year where I am posting images taken with my iPhone and Instagram filters, I really haven’t picked up my Nikon since September! {feeling shame}

But I think, this weekend, I need to reconnect with an old friend.

What hobbies will you be enjoying this weekend?


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