Day 119 of 365 . . . prompt word: words

Words to live by in 2013.  Sanctuary: peace . order . beauty

I love the written word.  I always have.  Words are a very powerful tool.  They convey meaning and mood.  They can instruct.  They can soothe the soul.

I have recently started following a blog called Home Sanctuary.  The creator of the blog, Rachel Anne Ridge, has been writing a blog which helps people turn their home into a sanctuary.  There is something comforting about coming home at the end of a long difficult day to a place of peace, order and beauty.  A place to retreat to.  A place to relax and allow the stressors of the day melt away.

I am a self-professed hater of housework.  My house isn’t filthy.  It’s just terribly disorganized.  I call it organized chaos, but let’s be honest with ourselves . . . it’s just chaos.  There is nothing restful about being at home.  I’m normally stressed because I am a disorganized mess.

A close friend recommended the blog to me over a year ago, but to be honest, I don’t think I was ready to receive the wonderful information contained in this blog.  I didn’t think I could be “that kind of homemaker”.

But, for the sake of my daughter, I have finally come to a place where I realize just how important having a home sanctuary is for the whole family.  Before you know it, she’ll be off to University and I would like to think I’ve equipped her with some tips on how to create her own home sanctuary.  I think I will get her to use her bedroom to learn how.  She’s now a teenager and I know she really wants to transform her room from the bedroom of a young girl to a teen’s room.  A place for her and her friends to be able to hang out and relax.  A place to create fun memories.  A place of calm for a busy teen.

I’m afraid I have taught her to dislike housework — I feel I have done her a great disservice.  However, I don’t think it’s too late.  If it’s not to late for this 43- (almost 44-) year old to learn and embrace, it is not too late for a 13-year-old.

I am excited for 2013.  It will be a year of positive changes and growth.  How can there be anything wrong with that?  Enjoy the next few last days of 2012 my friends.  I am trying to come up with a word list for my 365 photo-a-day project.  I think January 2013 will be filled with words that will bring peace, order and beauty.  Words of sanctuary.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?


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