Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper


Day 101 of 365 . . . prompt word: wrapping paper

Some days I wish I were more like Martha Stewart — the organized “your-house-looks-amazing-i’m-so-jealous” type.  Like my friend Christine.  She rocks when it comes to being organized, making homemade cards, preparing freezer meals, balancing work and family life, an amazing portrait photographer, an amazing mom to more than one child (hats off to all you parents who jump off the deep end and have more than one child) and just being all-around AMAZING!  I could go on, but I don’t want it to go to her head.

To my great joy, this year, I am actually somewhat prepared for Christmas.  I’ve bought the gifts and stocking stuffers.  We even have wrapping paper and tape (although my presents never look like they jumped off a page from Better Homes & Gardens magazine . . . frowny face!)  But this year I am a bit more forgiving of myself.  I will probably never be the type to have my annual Christmas letters printed and mailed before December 1st (I’d be lucky if I even got them out by the end of January).  I can’t seem to keep my house in order long enough to remain organized.

At work it is different.  I am somewhat organized and seem to have my finger on the pulse of what needs to happen in the coming weeks.  Everything has it’s place on my desk.  I feel in control.

But at home, I am a different sort of beast.  I am flighty and unorganized.  I’m lucky if I can keep laundry going on a regular basis.  Housework is my frenemy.  Meals are always last-minute.  My mind seems to fly in a million different directions resulting in accomplishing nothing.  I’m like a dog who is easily distracted by squirrels and shiny things.

I don’t like being unorganized at home.  I really don’t.  In fact, my New Year’s Resolution this year (and I NEVER make New Year’s Resolutions) is to really work hard at becoming more organized at home.  Or at least to appear as though I have a firm grip on the events in my life.  If anyone can offer advice, I am all ears!  I would love for my friend Christine to take me under her wing, but she lives a whole province away from me.  I’m not sure how I’ll do it, but I’ll do it.

I think I’ll make “I’m a Christine wannabe” t-shirts.

Please please please help me to become organized.  



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