Something You’re Reading

Something You're Reading

Day 100 of 365 . . . prompt word: something you’re reading

Day 100!  Woo hoo for me!!!

I have just started reading Knit the Season, a novel by Kate Jacobs.  It is part of the Friday Night Knitting Club series.  A light read, to be sure.  But a necessary read.

I bought it on sale in January.  All the Christmas-themed books were discounted.  I really enjoyed the Friday Night Knitting Club series, so it was a no-brainer on whether to purchase the book or not.

Last night I realized just how busy my week is shaping up to be.  So I figured a little light reading was in order.  Something to escape the busyness of the upcoming week.  Something about Christmas in New York City (a place I have ALWAYS wanted to visit).  Something about people who gather around and knit while sharing one another’s burdens in life.

So pour a cup of tea for yourself, snuggle in under a warm plush blanket and read today.  Even if it is only 15 minutes.  It will be an escape from the looming events of this week.  It will be a time where I don’t have to think about meetings, soccer practice, working out last-minute details of two Christmas parties, when to fit in my workouts, or traveling next weekend.

{sigh} . . . I just love reading.

Don’t you enjoy reading as a way of jumping into a different world for a while?


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