Day 68 of 365 . . . prompt word: reflection

You know what’s interesting? These aren’t my original wedding rings.

My original engagement ring and wedding band (which matched my husband’s wedding band) were stolen when someone broke into our home in April of 1998. We were out for an event and when we came home, all the lights were on in the house (which was unusual). It didn’t actually hit me that someone broke in to our home until I walked into the bedroom and there was a black hole where our window screen should have been.

The reason I had them off is because during the winter months, my hands get very dry and cracked. I had taken them off to slather on lotion before we headed out for an event at the seminary for the evening.

I forgot to put them back on.

Also taken was an amethyst ring my parents gave me when I graduated from Grade 8 (my birthstone), a ring that had belonged to my grandmother, cash we had raised for an MS Bike Tour fundraiser, movies and a ton of other random stuff.

Of the many things I regret from my past, this is the one that hits me every day — every time I put on the rings I have now. The rings I got with our insurance settlement. The rings which are not the ones my husband placed on my finger at our wedding.

Why did I forget to put them back on?

But, it doesn’t take away from the fact that I have been blissfully married to my best friend for 21 years. We really are truly opposites. But it’s true what they say — opposites do attract.

My husband (God bless him) is a practical man. He lives in the “now”. You rarely (if ever) will find him with his head in the clouds like me. He is careful in his purchases . . . I am impulsive. He is level-headed . . . I am flighty. He is a night owl . . . I’m an early bird. He is well-dressed . . . I grab the first thing off the floor. He is tall . . . I am not.

But despite our differences, we are a perfect match. We love the same TV shows and movies, we complete each others’ sentences, we love learning, we adore our daughter. Even though we are complete opposites on one hand, on the other we are two peas in a pod. We are inseparable. You can’t have one without the other.

Love you A! You my numba one GI!

What did you reflect on today?


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