A Favourite Thing


Day 67 of 365 . . . prompt word: a favourite thing

I don’t just love this photo of my daughter. It’s also the memory I love. I remember the exact moment I took this picture (which was about five years ago).

We lived in Ontario, Canada at that time. We took a family drive to a favourite place of mine. We walked the boardwalk. I took many pictures that day (not unusual). But this one sticks out in my mind.

My daughter’s cheeks were so rosy from the cool breeze. The sun was setting (so there were no harsh shadows). I focused my camera on her and told her to blow me a kiss. Just as she did, a bird flew overhead and caught her attention just as I pressed the shutter button.

It was a perfect moment. One I will never forget.

After taking more than 10,000 digital photos, I can tell you the exact moment I made each image. Do you experience the same thing?


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