Day 48 of 365 . . . prompt word: glasses

I love my glasses. I mean LOVE my glasses.

Why? Well, duh . . . they are purple! Hello! And they have a pretty metal and glittery stone design on the arms.

I’ve tried contacts in the past and quickly switched back. I found my vision certainly wasn’t as clear. I also had a hard time reading off the computer (which I work on all day). But the real reason I didn’t care for contacts? I felt utterly naked.

My glasses are like a security blanket. Without them I feel exposed . . . vulnerable. I am certainly more comfortable wearing them. Does that make me a boring person?

Now picture me, this morning, trying to take a macro picture of my glasses . . . without wearing my glasses. I had to make quite a few images before I found a couple that were actually focused on an interesting spot. Most of them were blurry . . . like my sight when I’m not wearing glasses! It was a challenge, but I was pleased with the results.

Do you prefer eyeglasses or contacts? Why?


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