Day 29 of 365 . . . prompt word: cave

Today’s word was actually “moon” but wasn’t able to capture the full moon with my iPhone.  Just looked like a little white dot . . . frowny face.

So, I was out for dinner with my parents and we went to a restaurant in their neighbourhood that we’ve gone to since I’ve been a kid.  It’s called The Cave and it is awesome inside.  It’s like you are in a cave complete with stalactites and stalagmites . . . and an awesome waterfall in the back.  Love that place.  However, I was very disappointed when it came time for dessert.  Traditionally, we ALWAYS ordered spumoni ice cream.  The waiter looked at me like I was crazy — he had never heard of it!!!!  They now only serve vanilla ice cream or orange sherbet.  Wrong answer my friend!

Has anyone been successful in taking an excellent full moon picture with their iPhone?  Would love some tips . . . 


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