Day 20 of 365 . . . prompt word: path

There’s an old decaying house near the highway I have driven many times. I have always thought how much I would love to take a picture of it. Today when I saw it, I stopped. There is an overgrown path that leads up to the house. I took several pictures as I inched closer and closer. All I could smell when I started to get close was the scent of skunk so you can understand my nervousness in approaching the house. But the closer I got, the less I could smell eau-de-skunk. I began to relax.

I finally reached the house and the windows were low enough to peek in. There are a number of cables holding the house together and there is still two-tone colours on the walls — yellow and sky blue. I found it interesting that the two tones were opposite of the grain field and sky behind the house.

I sat staring through the windows wondering who lived there and what their lives were like. When was the house built? When did the last people move out? How many children played within these walls?

And then I heard it. It came from within the outside wall about a foot from my left shoulder. A scratching sound . . . a chewing sound. The sound of a mouse or {gulp} a rat. I did not want to stick around long enough to find out. So I turned and walked back toward my car. About half-way back I glanced back over my shoulder and took one last look at the house. Who knows how much longer the house will be there. It looks as though it could collapse any day. I would love to learn more about the home, but for today, I was happy just to have walked up the path and explore a piece of history.

I love both urban and rural decay of buildings — how about you?


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