Day 19 of 365 . . . prompt word: crayons

Do you know how long I had to search for crayons today? I’m pretty sure I searched every room in the house twice. Finally, I knew I would have to enter . . . the teenager’s room. I searched through cupboards, drawers, under dirty clothes. I even checked under . . . the bed. But to no avail.

When I turned to leave the room, a large ziplock bag caught my eye. I started to giggle. I think I may have even clapped my hands and danced from foot to foot. I only had about 10 minutes before I needed to be back to work.

The challenge for me was how to showcase a simple crayon. I grabbed a glass container and threw a handful of crayons in. I snapped on the macro Olloclip lens and set the container on the windowsill. I played with angles and light. The background crayons in the glass container became . . . simply bokehlicious!

I love bokeh! It seems to add visual interest to an image. The bokeh today was so colourful because of the crayons. I think it may be one of my personal faves in the project so far.

When you colour with crayons, do you stay in the lines or show a bit of creativity? How about with your photography?


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