Day 17 of 365 . . . prompt word: plaid

I had my dear hubby help me take the picture for today because I could not make an image of my plaid shoes by myself. So thank you Arron!

My husband is a pastor in the Lutheran Church-Canada synod. He just celebrated his 11th year in the ministry. We have been blessed since that time to live in a parsonage provided by the church. We are in our third parish and we have a lovely home. It is an older house and the congregation decided it needs an eco-friendly facelift.

So, we are currently going through renovations. New windows. New doors. New siding. New bathrooms. We have never lived in a home that is in a state of upheaval before. Well, with the exception of living surrounded by moving boxes. I can honestly say, I don’t know how people can live in a home that has major renos going on. There are some people who love to renovate and it seems they always have a project going on in their house. Please don’t think I’m ungrateful. It’s just a new situation and I am learning how to “embrace” it.

I’m excited to see our home when the whole process is done. It reminds me of when I was pregnant with my daughter. We waited and waited to see this beautiful gift from God. However, she was rather comfortable in her mobile home and really did not want to move out. I was about 10 days overdue and said to my doctor, “We need to do something about this situation.” For you see, we were moving to another province within the week and I did NOT want to go into labour while traveling in the middle of nowhere. So, the doctor worked her magic, and my daughter did vacate the premises — but she was not happy about it.

So today, I had my hubby take a picture of me standing on our front step. It will serve as a reminder of this exciting time of change.

P.S. Yesterday I had 53 views on my blog — highest number ever in one day! I’m looking forward to seeing the number creep up đŸ˜€ Thanks to everyone who has been checking in with the project.

Have you ever done renovations on your home? What was your coping strategy?


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