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Day 16 of 365 . . . prompt word: in books

I have several things I love to do in my spare time. Photography, writing and knitting. Unfortunately, when my depression hits me hard, these seem to be the first things to go. It is hard enough just gathering the strength to get out of bed and make it to work, but throw in some hobbies? Good luck with that.

Well, with my project this year, I have committed to sticking to making an image every day and posting it on my blog. I told myself from the start, the image doesn’t have to be perfect and the blog post only needs to be brief enough to tell you what day it is and what my word prompt is. Simple, right? I tried to make the project as simple as possible — to stick with it during the tough days.

Besides, the project may prove to be very therapeutic . . . {she says, trying to convince herself}.

Well, throw knitting into the mix. Usually, during the seasons of autumn, winter and spring you will find me in the evening knitting some type of thing. Scarves, socks, mitts, toques, shawls, blankets . . . whatever. It is a hobby best done with a hot mug of tea sitting beside me as I click away. I like to knit when I’m watching TV or a movie. It keeps me busy and then I don’t feel like snacking!

I love knitting books as well. They are filled with beautiful pictures and creative ideas. I have several books I bought, not so much for the patterns, but the gorgeous images that grace the pages (don’t tell my husband).

There is something I find very relaxing when I knit. It is a total disconnect from my day. A chance to focus on something simple, warm and beautiful. A way to unwind after a very busy work week. So if it is so wonderful, why do I drop it when the first hard day hits me? I’m not sure.

I don’t suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), because I have been severely depressed in the summer months as well. It seems to affect me on and off throughout the year. And the first things to go are my hobbies — the things that bring me the most joy. Interesting, isn’t it?

I’m hoping this year will be different.

If you suffer from depression, how do you get through those tough times?


3 thoughts on “In Books

  1. i didn’t even know this SAD depression exsisted, but i’m pretty confident i have it
    i’ve suffered depression in the past and i have all the right symptoms and moods, i’m removed, tired all the time, i cant be bothered making an effort, i’m unmotivated to take photos (i love taking photos) – winter this year was horrible and cold and i feel so sunslight/happy season deprived

    i want a holiday 😦

    i think your project is a wonderful idea; i commited to a 52 week photo challenge this year, it’s been fun

    • Thanks for commenting Chloe. I’m sure SAD affects me to some degree. It is funny how the things that bring us so pleasure and joy seem to be the first to go when depression hits. You would think you would want to cling to those things during the low times, but it’s like we abandon everything.

      It is hard for people who have never suffered from it to understand how exhausting it is just to breathe! I wouldn’t wish depression on my worst enemy, but it has made me a stronger person.

      Please keep continuing to checking it — I appreciated your visit. Hang in there! Maybe we could be a support for one another πŸ˜€

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