On the Ground

Day 14 of 365 . . . prompt word: on the ground

I still dealing with a sinus thing in my head . . . it’s actually making my teeth throb {frowny face}. However, I roused myself out of bed to capture this image today. I knew I wanted to head out to the train tracks and rest my iPhone on the rails. The sun was setting — it was time to move. Light is fleeting, you know. Especially the sun.

I have been enjoying the last two weeks using my iPhone camera. I’m learning a lot about it. For example, tonight I tried focusing on the actual rail of the track. But when I did, the sky went almost white with no detail. I shifted the camera on the rail so it was pointing up toward the sky more and the exposure changed completely! Now the foreground was darker, but the sky became so much more dramatic.

When we first moved to our small town, all I noticed was the train coming through town . . . all the time. Even during the night. The front of our house faces the train tracks. Even as I am writing this post, I hear a train coming. Blowing it’s horn at all the intersections. At first, this would wake me up at night or make me stop what I was doing during the day. Now I rarely notice it unless I’m sitting still. I’m so used to the noise I rarely hear it pass through town during the night . . . with the window open. However, we do have one heck-of-a-guy who, I swear, pulls on the horn the whole way through town. His shift is during the night . . . I think I’d be angry too.

I really was dreading this whole 365 photo-a-day project at the beginning. But I am falling in love with it. The whole process. I make sure to look at my word list the night before and I often check for the next few days while I’m looking. I just want to have those words in my head as I go through my day. And you know what? The images just stand out begging to be captured with my iPhone.

It has helped me to become less of a camera snob too. I would always poo-poo when someone (my husband) would say, “Just use your iPhone.” I would think to myself, “Oh, but then I can’t control things like aperture, ISO, blah blah blah.” It has been a freeing experience for me to not worry about those things. I’m getting back to basics and it feels oh so good.

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to shake this cold, but I won’t let it stop me in my tracks!


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