Day 10 of 365 . . . prompt word: pencils

One thing I really love to do is word puzzles. At the beginning of the summer I usually buy one of those thick variety word puzzle books. My favourite puzzles are “Masterwords” and “Flower Power”. But no matter which puzzle I work on that day, one thing remains the same . . .

I always use a pencil.

Never a pen. Never. I’m too cautious. What if I make a mistake? Then I have to scribble out the answer and write another over top. It will look too messy. And then I would have to rip the page out (which, let’s be honest, I could never do). Then you would have to somehow deal with the edges of the page that remain stuck in the spine of the book. That would never do.

Can you believe there are actually people who do the NY Times Crossword puzzle with a pen????? My dad would probably be one of them — he’s pretty brilliant and has probably never answered a clue incorrectly.

But there is an art to using a pencil in a word puzzle book (or a newspaper). You can’t just sharpen this noble writing instrument and dive in. The point will be much too sharp and could possibly rip the paper. Nay nay. After you sharpen the pencil, you merely need to scribble a bit on a piece of scrap paper to dull the point a bit. After that, you are set for an afternoon of delicious word puzzle time.

(Note: must be accompanied by a hot mug of tea!)

Do you enjoy word puzzles?


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