Something Old


Day 9 of 365 . . . prompt word: something old

I live in a small prairie town and one of the charming things in our community is our theatre. We have a variety of musical and drama groups that come to town to entertain us. We are a progressive artsy community and the theatre is at the centre of town.

One of my favourite things about our theatre is there usually is a movie playing almost every Friday starting in September right through to May or June. I love movies. Almost as much as I love reading novels (but not quite). There are just certain things about movies I love — especially the cinematography. Everything from “films” to John Woo movies, my eyes love to find delight in visual things.

I think that is why I love photography so much. Because in that small frame you can capture a whole world — from the tiniest of bugs to expansive landscapes. I am a visual person, so every image I’ve ever created with my camera has a moment in time captured for me to remember. Each image should try to tell a story to the viewer. Sometimes mine do, but many times I forget this in an effort to just capture a moment (I still have so much to learn!).

The word prompt for today is “something old”. Many images came to mind, but this one stuck with me. There are not a lot of theatres anymore that run movies off old film reels. Everyone is going digital (same with photography). Every now and then my husband runs the movie which involves going to the theatre in advance to load six to eight reels of film onto the platter. There is splicing involved and lots of running the film through this whatchamacallit and that thingamabob. It’s a bit too technical for me. But when it is all ready to go, I head upstairs to join him for the evening. Just off to the side of the projection room, there is a tiny room with two theatre seats sitting together (complete with drink holders!). Once the film starts clicking, the lights go down and my hubby joins me.

I think I will be a little bit sad if and when our quaint little theatre makes the switch to digital. But for now, I can sit back and enjoy my evening with my “perfect movie date”. Let me tell you . . . there is nothing so memorable than sitting in a dark movie theatre with the whirring and clicking of the film running through the reels in the background. When we watch a movie at home, it’s like there is something missing. There’s no noise . . . it’s too quiet.

So today, my friends, I share with you my take on “something old”. Old film reels hanging on the wall. Oh, the stories they have told . . . .

What are some of the memorable movies you have seen at the theatre? I remember seeing films like Grease and Star Wars . . .


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