Everyday Object

Day 8 of 365 . . . prompt word: everyday object

I love this spoon.  I used to feed my baby with it.  She doesn’t use it a whole lot anymore (she’s 13 years old), but I still use it.  I use it to eat baby-sized spoons of yogurt or ice cream.  I couldn’t bear to throw it out.  It’s pretty and holds too many sentimental memories for me.

Everyday objects are often unappreciated.  Looked over.  I’ve mentioned before I especially love macro and close-up photography.  I think I love it more and more every time.  Especially when it features everyday objects.  It’s a fresh way to look at the items you see on a daily basis.  You don’t think you have anything interesting?  Look at my spoon!  I’ve always thought it was a pretty little piece of cutlery with its etched swirly design.  Otherwise, it’s really very plain to look at.  But you throw on a macro lens of some type (I use the Olloclip variety for my iPhone) and that ordinary object can become a work of art.

For this year-long project, I decided ahead of time that I would use my iPhone exclusively to create images.  I struggled with this decision for some time because I LOVE my Nikon D80.  At first it felt like I was cheating on my dear Nikki.  But I knew I needed to challenge myself.  I knew I needed to change things up.  I have a couple of iPhone photography apps that I really enjoy using in terms of filters, effects, etc.  But then I checked out Instagram and I was instantly taken with it.  In order to stick with my year-long project, I knew I needed to make it as simple as possible for myself.  Instagram would allow me to stick to my project plan.  The filters are fun and easy to use.  The majority of effort will happen during the blogging process (you have no idea how many revisions I make to my draft!!!).

Look around you at this moment and pick three items in the room with you.  I’ll wait . . . .

Next, using your iPhone, start clicking.  Then use some type of photography app (Instagram, Snapseed, Pixlr-o-matic, etc) to create something new and exciting.  I grabbed my set of keys, a USB stick, and a pencil with the eraser broken off.

Used Instagram for post-processing — Brannan filter + contrast + blur effect

Used Instagram for post-processing — Inkwell filter (no contrast, no blur)

Used Instagram for post-processing — Earlybird filter + frame (no contrast, no blur)

I was making chicken noodle soup for lunch, so as you can see, I wasn’t too creative with the compositions (all too similar for me), but I wanted to show you how easily you can use these apps to create different images.  In fact, they each were taken in virtually the same spot, yet the counter in each image looks different.  I’m lovin’ the bokeh! . . . {sigh}.

Every year, the town I live in holds an art show.  I’m thinking this year I will pick five of my favourites and order them on canvas to enter for adjudication.  After the year is complete, I will compile all my project images into a book using my iPhoto program.  I’m so excited to see where the year takes me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

If you are into iPhoneography, what apps are you using?


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