Blur the Background

Day 5 of 365 . . . prompt word: blur the background

So today I had my dentist appointment.  I fear dentists.  In fact, when I found out a friend from high school went on and became a dentist, I almost blocked him on Facebook.  Why?  Because just knowing he became what I loathe sent me into panic attacks and fits of hyperventilation!

But, I must admit my new dentist is actually a fine chap.  Very kind.  Very gentle.  Very aware of my “issues”.  So I think he and his staff go out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable.  And for this, I am appreciative.

Everything was fine with my appointment today and I escaped virtually unscathed (there was a minor incident of the dentist catching his sharp hook-thing on the outside of my top lip — I briefly convinced myself my lip had been ripped open and I think I may have called out to Jesus to welcome me into His loving arms . . .).  But otherwise, everything was fine.  He sent me on my way reassuring me I am taking very good care of my teeth.

After I left the office, I realized I had developed a painful stress headache.  So I stopped to pick up some ibuprofen and a drink before making the 45 minute trip home.  I would be home in time for lunch.  I was driving through the country watching for possible “photo ops” for my word of the day:  blur the background.

It is harvest time where I live and there are tons of farmers out there working hard.  But the combines were so far away I couldn’t really capture the image I was looking for.  And then it hit me.  I LOVE all things rusty and crusty and I knew there was an opportunity coming up.

I came around a corner, pulled off the side of the road and grabbed my iPhone.  I walked toward the old wooden fence and lined up my shot.  Semi trucks and cars flew past me and probably wondered why this crack-pot woman was taking pictures of old wooden fences.  Maybe they even alerted the authorities there was a crazy woman on the loose.  But little did they know I was capturing a beautiful part of our countryside.  Something to share with you . . . not them.  Another little piece of me and how I like to see my world.

Small details . . . one image at a time.

What did you see today that nobody else took the time to notice?


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