Ritual or Routine

Day 4 of 365 . . . prompt word: ritual or routine

Today was the first day of school for my daughter.  She’s going into Grade 8 this year.  And as per usual for the last few years, the ritual of waking her up for school goes as follows:

“Hey baby girl.  Time to get up.  First day of school.”


After leaving her room and waiting somewhere between five and ten minutes I go back to her room.

“Time to get up.”

Blankets fly through the air like I’ve declared a state of emergency.  She bolts upright and runs a hand through her mop called “hair”.  Eyes half-open, she realizes her time is used up.  No more “snooze button” because I have to leave for work soon.  So if she doesn’t get up now, that’s it.  Shuffling to the bathroom like a zombie freshly sprung from the grave, I am confident she will finish getting herself ready in time.  So I head to the kitchen.

As per routine, I open my cupboard door and check the family calendar.  Volleyball after school.  Haircuts tomorrow (thank goodness) and . . . {gasp} . . . {gulp} . . . I have a dental appointment in the morning. Sometimes I think to myself, “Is it really worth checking my calendar every day?”

What are your favourite rituals or routines?


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