Sharp Edges

Day 3 of 365 . . . prompt word: sharp edges

I was sitting at my kitchen table last night looking at my word list for today’s prompt.

“Sharp Edges”

I must have stared at the words forever as I wondered to myself, “What am I going to take a picture of?” I started going through various composition ideas in my head. I tried to think what I had in my house that I could use as a prop for the image. I couldn’t think of a thing. The irritating critic in my head started taking over.

“It’s only Day 3 and you are ready to give up!”

“Why do you take on these projects anyway?”

“You can be such an idiot!”

I pushed the irritating voice to the back of my head and I refocused my efforts on thinking how I could portray those words in a single image. Sharp edges. I thought to myself, “You have a beautiful chef knife. You could recreate an image similar to  Steven Brisson’s on Flickr.” I make an omelette almost every morning for breakfast. Easy peasy. Armed with a plan, I flipped the bird at my inner critic and headed to bed.

This morning I woke up, fed my dog and let him out to lay on the back deck in the warm morning sun. I quickly gathered the ingredients I would need to make the most awesome mushroom omelette.  It was going to be spectacular! And I would have the image to prove it.  Gordon Ramsey would be knocking on my door to shower accolades upon me and dub me this year’s winner of MasterChef (even though I didn’t even audition for the show). There would be special circumstances for my situation.  For not only was I about to make a breakfast worthy to serve to a Michelin Star King, but I would set my foot on the stage of becoming an amazing food photographer in the process!

I began chopping and organizing my ingredients.  I had simple props to round out the image.  Finally, I was ready.

My inner critic sneered as I picked up my iPhone.  The stage was set.  I just needed to capture the image.  I lined up the shot.  Nope.  I shifted myself to the right.  Nope.  I spun the cutting board  at an angle.  The critic snickered and barked out his barbed comments.

“I told you.”

“You can’t do it.”

“You don’t have the right equipment.”

I briefly thought of grabbing my Nikon with 50mm lens.  No.  I told myself from the beginning that I was going to use my iPhone exclusively this year for the project.  No.  I needed to use what I had.  I repositioned myself, but it was a no go.  The colours were all too similar.  It was a very bland looking image.  There was no warmth.  No invitation.

“You’re a loser.”

Feeling defeated, I set my phone down and warmed up the pan to cook my breakfast.  I realized I had forgotten the cheese.  I pulled out the grater and began shredding. I thought about how I need to learn more about using my iPhone camera effectively. Because at that moment I felt like I could do nothing worthwhile. Just then, I caught my fingernail on the sharp edge of the cheese grater.  I quickly pulled my hand back and ran my thumb over the rough edge of my fingernail.

“Damn that’s got a sharp edge to it!”

I stopped.  I slowly reached for my iPhone.  I popped on my husband’s Olloclip and composed the image.  My heart was pounding in my chest.  I held my breath.


Not just one sharp edge but many.  Sweet!

It’s not the best image you’ve ever made.”

I quickly turned my attention on my inner critic.

“Maybe not, but I completed the assignment!  So shut the f-stop!”

Sharp edges . . . awesome!

Are you a foodie like me?  How do you silence your inner critic? 


2 thoughts on “Sharp Edges

    • Thanks so much for your comment! A great reminder for all of us 😀 I’m finding I am less critical of myself which is mind-blowing! I’m learning to even find something I like even in the images I dislike the most.

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