Day 2 of 365 . . . prompt word: white

They say you can find beauty in anything — it’s unfortunate people miss it most of the time.  There is something wonderful and peaceful about close-up or macro photography.  I think that’s why I like to make images like this one.  As I look back over the 10,000+ images I have made over the years, a good portion of them are close-ups.  Not true macro (for I do not own a macro lens . . . frowny face), but close-ups nonetheless.  When I am making those images, everything around me becomes still.  Quiet.  Almost ethereal.  It’s about stealing a moment in time and letting everything else around me stop for a moment.

We live in a society where people just don’t stop moving.  We are either racing to work or racing to take our kids to 100 different scheduled events for that day.  We become overwhelmed and wonder why.  I think it’s because most people have forgotten to just stop and find beauty in the everyday items around us.

Take my white teapot for example.  It’s a lovely little teapot.  I got it for a Christmas gift last year.  I love tea.  Especially loose teas.  This is my favourite, albeit only, teapot.  It is faithful in its vocation as it brews a perfectly lovely cup of tea for me every time I use it.  When I glanced over my word prompt list for my photo-a-day project, I knew exactly what I would do for the word “white”.

“White” evokes clean images in our minds.  Newly fallen snow, fresh linen fluttering on the clothesline in the sun . . . peace.  I knew I wanted to make a peaceful image.  But in order to create the image I saw in my mind, I knew I needed to get in close.  So I grabbed my hubby’s Olloclip for iPhone and popped on the “macro” lens.  I played with the angles swirling the teapot around on my kitchen counter.  I tried a number of compositions featuring the handle and even the knob on the lid.  But it wasn’t what I had pictured in my mind.  So I spun the teapot around so the spout was facing me.  I focused in on the lip and slightly moved to my left.  I couldn’t leave out the beautiful curves on the throat of the spout or body of the pot itself.  Each curve has it’s purpose, both aesthetically and functionally.  Even the dark hole of the spout draws us in.

Once I had the composition I pressed the shutter button on my iPhone.  There it was.  Beautiful. Simplistic.  A bit of me.

What are some of the finer details you like to observe?


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