Tomorrow I start possibly the biggest undertaking I’ve ever attempted.  I’ve tried in the past.  I’ve failed.  I’ve tried another method.  I’ve failed.  Tomorrow I begin my Capture Your 365 photo-a-day project.  I am nervous.

I think, in the past, I have set my standards too high.  I have expected perfection instead of just having fun and learning.  This time I am hoping to approach it with a much more laid back attitude.  Probably most images will be captured on my iPhone using Instagram for filters.  Some will be using my trusty Nikon.  I will try to not to be a camera snob on this project (like I was on all the others).  I am forcing myself to realize that a camera phone takes very fine pictures, thank you very much!  I won’t be the carpenter who blames his tools because, really, photography is about seeing the image.  Any camera can capture that.  The challenge is getting back to basics and remembering why I love photography.

I hope you will join me on my year long journey.  At the end of it all, I hope to fall back in love with an art form I love so much.

What are you passionate about?



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